MIDI program change

I looked for something on this topic on your forum but couldn’t find it.
Can I just send simple program changes from my midi device to Buddy and have the song change to another song in same folder?
It would just be great to send a program change from OnSong to load the corresponding song.
Thanks in advance for your help

Really?! This is being discussed in a number of places and is a feature request - but currently this is not possible.

Thank you for your reply. Really!.. I did a search on this through the forum, and didn’t find any mention of it, maybe I didn’t go deep enough. I have just done another search, and found that, although they don’t call it a MIDI program change, there is indeed a thread on changing drum beats via midi, and it does show that this is something considered for future. That said, does anyone know if we’re talking ‘near future’ or ‘distant feature’. And… what is the purpose of the midi connector for BeatBuddy if not to make program changes?