Midi record

I’m not sure how software development and all that works but I was conceptualizing with the aeros lately and thought how cool it would be to be able to record midi data on (one or more) the tracks. Not sure if that’s possible but I got excited over the thought of “live looping” the beat buddy.

Midi pads > Aeros Midi track > Beat Buddy triggered live.

I can do it easy enough with a midi track on my Daw but I think it could be incredible feature of the aeros/BB stand alone marriage and make it one step closer to that Ableton/daw in a can concept. Just a thought.

I got the beat buddy second hand last year and it spurred me on to pick up the aeros from a dealer this week, super excited to dive in and really looking forward to midi implementation.
Thanks for making fun stuff.


Hi there,

This is an interesting request, but we are not considering it with high priority at this time.

We may do this or something like this in the long run, but we do not think it is likely at this point.

For this reason I will tag as #under-consideration

Thank you for your request!

Thanks so much for the reply Brennan, I wasn’t sure if anyone had seen it so I appreciate the acknowledgment.

The idea being the ability to achieve MPC Style BB sequencing with a midi pad controller thru the Aeros. Just another great example of the potential of these products.