Midi settings: MIDI-In no sync option any more...

I have the latest firmware update V 2.0.4 and in contradiction with the - still only available - MIDI Controls manual, there is no “Sync” option any more at MIDI-In level. The point is I want to sync BB by a DAW. What are the settings on BB to make that possible in that latest version?

Or in other words: how can I make BB as a Slave for the tempo?

It’s on the Pedal. Main Pedal>MIDI Settings>MIDI-IN>System Real Time. There you will find SYNC, START and STOP. Each can be enabled or disabled.

Hello Phil!

I use Ableton Live as my Daw and a M-Audio 2x2 usb port (which demands a driver which is installed) to connect to the BB.

So, all settings within the DAW are defined that midi-information can be sent to the output of the USB-port, which is connected to the midi IN of the BB.
The settings in the BB are as follows: In the midi-out, I’ve disabled Sync and Notes. In the midi-in all settings are enabled. So far, so good.

When I click on one of the transport buttons (play, stop, record) I see a led going on on the usb-port, so midi-information is flowing out, but no reaction on the BB side.

Do I need a driver for the BB, so the USB-port can send midi data to it?

Whatever I do, the BB is not reacting… Any idea?

I know this is counter-intuitive, and it may not work, but try it with the pedal setting MIDI In Sync disabled. I just kinda recall there being some issue with that. Also, do you have any other midi device that your can try to connect to the midi out port of your M-Audio 2x2, just to verify that something is coming out of it.

There is no driver for the BB. If you are sending midi, it should receive it. That being the case, the wild cards here are the M-Audio, the midi cable going from the M Audio to the BB Breakout cable, the BB Cable, and, of course, the BB itself

I’ve connect my soundcard Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 directly to the breakout cable and also no results. This leaves us with still 2 devices to test: the breakout cable and the BB. I’ll check the firmware for sure. To be continued!