Midi Sync Breakout and Aeros

I just received the Midi Breakout cable I ordered. I assumed I could use that cable to connect the Beatbuddy with my Aeros looper. It appears though that the breakout cable and Aeros bothe have “female” receptacles. What gives?

You need to connect a standard MIDI cable from the OUT of the BB adapter cable to the IN of the Aeros…
(Or differently if you’re hooking it up a different way, but you’ll still need a MIDI cable…)

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Ja, that threw me for a loop (pun intended) as well. You have to think of that breakout cable as more of an adaptor really.

Well then. I’ll have to find a place to order one…

Should I assume that two cables with Male connectors on either end will suit my purpose?

Those would be the correct type.

My cable length choices seem to be 1, 6, or 10 feet. Seems like 1 foot might not be enough but 6 feet is too much. Will a 1 foot do it on my pedalboard?

Since I have not fastened my BeatBuddy to my pedalboard, I use 3’ to connect to the fastened pedals on the board and that works fine as it gives me a little more flexibility than being limited by the 1’ length of a cable. If you have to reconfigure your pedal locations on the board, it might be easiest to leave them in place and route a 3’ cable. I bought the Hosa 3’ MIDI cable from Guitar Center.

When I had my BB fastened to my board, I used a 1’ cable to connect to my looper, which was right next to the BB.

So I guess the better answer might be based on how you’re going to configure your pedalboard to provide you the best functionality and ease of use.

I’d go with 3’ to be safe at this time.

So far I am having trouble finding a 3’ cable.

Ok, I’m an idiot. Just found 3ft cable.

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