MIDI Sync...then not

HI all, new to the device and to the forum.

I has happened to be that MIDI is properly synced to another looper (BOSS), it initially goes well…but if the BOSS looper is stopped and BPM changed and started again the new BPM is not detected by Aeros. I need to create a new song and the new song sync properly with the new BPM. Any ideas? Maybe I am doing something wrong or its a bug?

Thank you. I am overall happy with the product. I am used to sync loopers just by ear… (old school musician)

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This is likely a bug on the side of the boss product or there is a setting that will optimize the performance,

What specific boss product do you mean?

it’s Boss RC-500.

Midi is sent thru initially from Roland TR-8 to Boss RC-500 and then finally to Aeros …

I can’t speak to the intricacies of this other product, I cannot say if it works adequately as master or if there are specific settings you’d need to do so, have you searched our forum or looked on other boss related forums?

I’ve seen a bug like that in Aeros using another clock (using the lastest official Aeros release), and I can replicate it every time. Because it is a bit esoteric and perhaps an edge case, I’d rather ask a question first than go into detail.

When the RC-500 is hooked up to the Aeros, does the Aeros “MIDI Sync” indicator always say “ON”? Even when the RC-500 and the Aeros are stopped? If the answer is no; if the indicator sometimes says “OFF”, it’s not the same problem I’ve identified.

When the RC-500 is hooked to the Aeros and the MIDI Sync say ON but when I change the BPM on the master device the MIDI Sync on the Aeros keeps “ON” But the BPM doesn’t change. It keeps ON even when the RC-500 and the Aeros were stopped. Will try it now with my audio interface as master and be right back.

Okay, that indicates MIDI Clock is always being sent by the RC-500, or at least that’s the way it is currently configured in your RC-500. It’s a perfectly valid choice for gear to continually send clock, the RC-500 is not the only one that does it. But this more easily exposes the problem in Aeros. I haven’t started making that video, so I’ll just explain it and see if it can help you with a workaround. It’s not that hard to describe given more narrow parameters. It comes down to the sequence of doing things, assuming that the Aeros currently has tracks recorded on it.

Good sequence when switching to a new BPM:

  1. Stop Aeros and RC-500
  2. Delete All Tracks in Aeros
  3. Change BPM in RC-500

You should see the Aeros start to calculate the new BPM from the RC-500 immediately upon step 3.

Bad sequence when switching to a new BPM:

  1. Stop Aeros and RC-500
  2. Change BPM in RC-500
  3. Delete All Tracks in Aeros

With the bad sequence above, something about the Aeros BPM detection remains sleeping and it doesn’t refresh it’s BPM display. Try changing the BPM one more time in the RC-500 after step 3 and see if it wakes up. That’s what happens when I try it. I can reproduce this every time.

This is with firmware 4.1.2. If you are running something else, then your results could be different.

I’m having the exact same problem! I’m using the beat buddy and Aeros. Sometimes turning Aeros off and on again fixes it. Sometimes I have to unplug the midi cable from beatbuddy. Playing live this is going to be a huge issue.

I will try to replicate the issue with an Elektron Analog Rytm Mk 1 and be back with an update.

I would be interested to know if beta version 5.0.0 has improved any of this behavior for you.