Midi thru and midi sync

For beta FW 1.79
I have been using OnSong to change patches on my voice live 3 when a song loads.
My song will contain a line {midi:000@0} to give me VL3 patch #1

I am now using Beat Buddy in much the same way:
A midi line in OnSong {midi: 0.5:5,CC106:0,CC107:102} sends a patch change to beatbuddy to play a certain song in a folder at a certain tempo.

Connecting BB to VL3 allows the looper to sync with BB.

When I include the midi commands for the vl3 and BB and use midi thru, I get a song change on BB and a patch change on VL3. But I lose sync of the VL3 looper. If I use midi sync on BB, I lose patch change ability.

I am looking for the ability to send both midi commands from Onsong to have both patch changes take effect when the song is loaded and keep the looper in sync.

Any thoughts?

Scott- I am interested in seeing you entire command for onsong to change BB song and set the VL3. Sorry if this should be obvious.

Little Big Town
{midi: 0.5:5,CC106:0,CC107:102}
Capo 2

Midi command to change VL3 to Patch 1
Midi command to change BB to folder 6, song 6, tempo 102

BB is set up for Midi thru as opposed to midi sync.

I guess what I don’t know is if I can get sync and thru to work at the same time?

Scott. Many thanks for putting this up. I’ve been wondering about the combined BB/VL3 commands in OnSong but haven’t had a chance to try it. I’ll be interested to see what others in the forum have to say about the issue.

Here is what I think I have learned so far after messing with midi thru and midi merge.
So far I have been able to get the midi commands from onsong to do
BB Folder/Song Temp and patch change in VL3
BB Folder/Song Temp and midi clock sync
but not BB Folder/Song Temp and patch change in VL3 and midi clock sync.
If anyone out there has a solution, I’d love to here it.
Until then, VL3 patch change is not as significant for me so I will likely ride with BB Folder/Song Temp and midi clock sync.

Did you try Midi out type set to Midi Merge?

I did. Did not work.

Not for VL3 but maybe you will get lucky. This works for me in ONSONG to send folder/song change to MBB (midi channel1, folder 29 song 4) and also after the comma sends a midi message to change my sample tank iOS app patch on midi channel 4.

MIDI: 0.28:5, 6:20@3

Thanks. I will try it.

yesterday i got the newest Firmware 1.8x from the support. Does anybody has a list which setting (special midi commands) i can do now?