MIDI Timing Resolution

Hello - Does anybody know the MIDI timing resolution (ppq or pulses per quarter note) of BeatBuddy? Thanks!

Midi devices typically are 24ppq but I think the beat buddy is 18ppq

Hey ghostofweedon! Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don’t think this what I was looking for. What I’m looking for is the smallest unit of time for sequencing the MIDI drum notes in BeatBuddy. This is usually expressed in ppq. I believe the standard for this is 96 ppq on most common MIDI sequencers (hardware and software). I downloaded the latest version of BBManager and went to open one of the song parts in MIDI Editor and found the number 1920 ppq. Maybe someone from SingularSound can comment on this? Thanks!

Ok sorry about that

No worries, you actually are very helpful with the information that you provided since I am planning to hook up BeatBuddy to other MIDI devices (looper and guitar effects) and synchronize the song tempo. So, that MIDI clock information is very valuable.

I spent more time on BBManager last night and it seems the ppq for BeatBuddy is around 480 (1920/4, the 1920 value is for 1 measure and divide by 4 quarter notes per measure). Hopefully, this information is right. I sent an e-mail to Singular Sound Support a couple of days ago and have not heard back probably due to holiday. We’ll see. Thanks!