MIDI to rang to jdxi


I have my beatbuddy midi out daisy chained into a rang pedal and then into a Roland jdxi synth

Eg: beatbuddy midi out going to my rang’s midi in, and my rang’s midi out going to my Roland jdxi’s midi in.

I can get them all to sync perfectly - But not the very first time I press the beatbuddy pedal !

The very first time I press it, my synth starts playing but it is delayed.

The only work around I have is to start, stop, and re-start the beatbuddy for the midi to sync up in time when I press the beatbuddy pedal.

It’s like the beatbuddy midi sync messages arent syncing before I push the pedal for the first time.

I have the beatbuddy midi sync out set to “always on”

I have the latest firmware in all my devices.