midi v middy

Hey, get on this forum most days, just to see whats going on, some days not much, sometimes I learn something new. First I bought the BB because it is the first drum machine I’ve encountered that behaves like a real drummer, and don’t take up most of the room in the station wagon.
I’ve had a couple of issues with it and advice from the forum and BB support have sorted these out. The only midi I’m familiar with is when I go to the Pub and have to choose between a “middy or a schooner”
I guess there are two schools going here, one for the computer techs and the other who just want a drummer buddy to hang out with
Sure I think that the toms are a bit “boomy” and there is a limited option for songwriter stuff like just a soft snare etc, but as of now I can compromise just like you have to in a real band with a real drummer, I can go out to my “shed” flick on the power and BB is waiting to play 24/7, BB keeps me in time and makes what I play sound a whole lot better. I’m waiting for the proper version of the software before I download as the only thing I know about beta is that is part of the Greek alphabet, coming soon I hope
My wish is that I can arrange the song order on the pedal itself (the less I have to muck around with computers the better) and I’ve mentioned that in another post.
I’m looking forward to BB getting better as with practice we all improve (well some of us do)


Yes I like the idea of keeping it simple, all these tech questions about this and that “IT” stuff scares me.

When mine arrives I just want to listen to the beat to find ones that match my set list songs, adjust the tempos to suit and save them on the BeatBuddy so that when I gig I can scroll through them on the BeatBuddy pedal , press go and play away, I hope !

Don’t want to spend hours and hours on the computer,


The overall design hasn’t changed - an extremely easy to use guitar pedal format drum machine that sounds close to a real drummer.

All this “IT” talking that is going on here (and I often suggest something) is only a way for users who want additional features to have them.
Ease of use is always a concern number one when it comes to making any changes.

It would be great if this could be done from within the pedal, however currently it needs a computer to do it - further many here aren’t satisfied with the stock beats and want to change then/add more which again requires a computer. Lastly upgrading the firmware to get all the latest features also requires a computer. To get the most out of the BB requires a computer - however the forum is here to help!

Hi again, Thanks for the replies, Not saying don’t want to use the computer and software associated, hell, I managed to make a new SD card and followed your instructions to the letter, watched your vids (much appreciated) So I’m just waiting for the software issues to be sorted out and don’t mind the wait
As I understand it the the BB can do things on it’s own for example change the pedal functions, delete intros etc save tempo’s from the default, I’m not sure how many functions it can do at least three per parameter I think so using that logic would it be easy for your whizzos’ to create a “favourite’s” selection on the pedal say three or four different beats Blues 2, country 7,Brush 8 or whatever B Buddies are in to.
Choose favourites A,B.C etc and those scroll around using right footswitch in stop mode (could this be done in a firmware upgrade?)
Might be showing a complete lack of understanding, but it might work and then we would have the best of both the software and pedal functionality

My reply was specifically to Martyn not specific to your post as I understand where you are coming from.

I have a favorites folder which has about 6 of my commonly used beats, Blues 2, country 7,Brush 8, etc. If these are your most used (fit your style and genre, and you are familiar with them), also fairly simple beats, and you have tap tempo enabled on footswitch, you can jam on and on with new songs not in a set list. This is where you go when you are playing and someone says can you do ???. Just grab a 4/4, tap the tempo and go.