Missing fills

Downloaded some songs and had no problem putting them into BBM, but many of them are missing midi parts e.g. many fills are missing? is this because i don’t have the proper drum kits?

Not all the library items come with fills. If you imported the beats and/or drumsets according to instructions on our tutorial page (in the library), then it’s likely that you have one of the library items that do not have certain MIDI parts by default. You can always edit these songs in the BBManager. :slight_smile:

Just to add - it all depends on the song,. Most of the stock songs come with intro, outro, two parts, two transitions and each part has three fills. The ballad songs from the premium content has three parts but only one fill in each and three transitions. Some of the percussion songs have only one part but many fills - but as above if you find a suitable fill from another song you can always add that to a song with less or use different parts from different songs.