Mix and Match Songs a la Carte

I’ve been looking at the “Most Popular Covers” collections, and have discovered each one has one or two songs I actually want. Which I suppose is part of getting you to buy all 11. Now, if I thought the versions of the songs were good to go as-is, I’d say $5 for a single song (with a bunch of bonus material I might or might not use) is a good bargain, but I’m hyper-picky about songs and I know I’d be spending time editing to get the songs right.

Would the powers that be at Beat Buddy consider an a la carte approach to song buying? Say, pick-five for $10 or $15? That would make it more viable for people me who know they’ll end up modifying the tunes to their standards, and who really don’t need all of the additional songs they’ll never use.

Whaddya think? Anyone?


This was previously suggested and @GoranGrooves seemed to be receptive about the concept.

Receptive doesn’t get it done!


Seriously, does that mean it’s in the works, or even in discussions?

Thanks for adding to this!


Can’t speak for them however, just my opinion that they might at least consider if there was a business case for doing so. We’ll see if Goran comes back with an answer.

Since Apple can make songs from an album available on iTunes for sale and be profitable, you’d think Goran and Singular Sounds could do the same, right? Oh, wait–different economic models and scales :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, for sure. That’s why I’m suggesting a premium for the mix and match. I think the current price works out to about $0.75/song in the collections; I’d think 5-for-$10 would be reasonable for a-la-carte sales.


Single song sales is something that I plan to push through. We’re not there yet, as brand new BB Manager is in the works, which will integrate with the Library. Once that is operational, we’ll look into doing single song sales as well.

That’s great news – thanks!


Commented on another thing about this recently. It would be a massively welcome feature and can’t happen soon enough. Glad to hear they are working on it :slight_smile: