Modify .btt /.sng files?

Can I take the bass .btt file out of an .sng file, drop it down in pitch, and put it back using Audacity? Thanks.

You can as far as I’m aware of. I did it just recently to modify some existing .sng files. The PC version of BB Manager doesn’t seem to do it though, it messes up the midi file. Have to do it with Mac. Then just load into Audacity and modify the pitch. You should be able to see the separate bass and drum midi notes in the file when opened.

Or, jump into the BB Manager and edit the midi file. You can see the bass notes in there. Just right click on the note name and choose ‘Move all notes’ and shift them up or down where you need to. Start with either the highest or lowest note and shift them all by the same amount and you’re done. You can see which note names have ‘active’ notes in the song so you’ll know which to move.