Modifying a part's name

I created a simple loop, which I’m happy with, but BBM automatically assigned it a very long name.
Naturally, I wanted to change the name to something shorter and more concise but it seems there’s no straightforward way to do this very basic operation!

The only workaround I managed to come up with is exporting the loop to a mid file, renaming it, and then importing it back, but this is a very lousy solution.
The text field within the MIDI editor looks like the place where the name should be assigned, but it’s read-only (why??)

Any way I can do it? 10x


That’s what the BBManager MIDI editor does. It definitely needs to be updated to not do that, but for now your workaround is the solution to those auto-generated long names.

As a general suggestion, we do recommend to use a 3rd party MIDI editor, such as Reaper’s: