Momentary pause option on footswitch


When I first got my BB n footswitch it had a momentary option on the footswitch i.e. to pause a song I’d press n hold n then release for it to continue.

Somehow along the way it went back to press for pause then press again to unpause

So went to set it back and cant find an option to do it. Where is it?


Not sure the feature exists any more.

Ok whats the chances of bringing it back? Without it its nearly impossible to do quick drum pause breaks. Thanks

It’s in firmware version 2.70 via the external footswitch which I’m still using. You could go re-install that if there’s nothing in your current version you’d miss.
The pause may be in v3.20 also, as there is this note in the firmware history, " 1. Updated the pause, tempo and volume screen with new looks as well as an always active visual metronome, so you never lose track of the beat."

I don’t see any mention of it being removed in subsequent history notes that I’ve collected.

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I’d probably not say “never” but it doesn’t look good. Why? I think they have had problems in the past making the pause/unpause meet all expectations.

Anybody else want this capability?

Would actually using a momentary hardware switch work?

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Yeah it would just need another action for the external footswitch that says ‘press and hold/release’ with an option to turn on momentary pause.

But then actually is the external footswitch capable of being momentary like the main footswitch is (for transitions) ?

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