More MIDI exploration

This “song” is a test of velocity and a few other things. It uses a “with bass” drumkit.

The first track is simple: 12 notes from velocity 1 to 120, by tens. The question I was asking was: If an instrument has a single sample, does the velocity matter? Does it play loudness according to the velocity, or to the sample. Turns out, velocity does indeed = loudness, as we might suspect.

The second track is a little trickier. The first note is 90, and the following 11 notes are alternating between 100 and 127. I had a sneaking suspicion that note velocities over 100 get rounded down to 100. I couldn’t hear the difference, but at first it seemed like they were gradually getting louder. So, I put a note after each note with a velocity of zero, thinking that the notes were running on into each other and building up that way. Well, turns out the note zero at the end of a note does NOT stop it. So I set the polyphony to the minimum amount (I dont know what that is because BB Manager won’t show it to me–the number is cut off because there isn’t room to display it). All the bass notes are in the same choke group, so when I moved the “stopper” notes up one, they worked–they brutally cut off each note. That clicking static is due to a WAV file being prematurely cut off, instead of gracefully quickly being brought to zero. After the 12 notes, I put in another note with 4 stopper notes, wondering if a note COULD get cut off by polyphone of what I assume is 1, but it doesn’t seem to stop. The note at the very end is just to make bb play all the empty space at the end, which i put in to let the previously accumlating notes fade.

So in short: Do you guys hear a difference between the 100 velocity and the 127 velocity notes?

Unf on a mac, the bb manager doesn’t obey the output sound device–it always uses built in–so I can’t route it to a recording device to see the waveforms. Another annoying effect of this is that I can’t use BB manager with my bluetooth headphones–that sound still comes out the speakers.

Hi aash, the soundflower utility works well on mac to reroute audio from standard i/o to other ports like when wanting to record a youtube video to a DAW input channel, When I want to hear BB sound in a DAW as triggered via midi notes I put the bb sttereo output back into the mac via line in or an audio interface and select that interface as input on the channel and leave standard out to headphones/speaker. BBmanager out would go to system so with system out sent to a soundflower channel and a DAW running and setup with the soundflower channel as an audio in it can route to whatever is avalable for output interfaces.

I have soundflower, but the BB Manager won’t let you specify the audio device. It always plays through the speakers. That also means I can’t use my bluetooth headphones! I found something called Piezo that worked though. Turns out my premise was wrong. There IS a difference between 100 and 120: