Move instrument from one kit to another....

This is killing me. Im sure someone has asked, but I cant seem to get the search function to work right.

OK, so I want to add a tambourine to the standard kit and rename it something else.
There is a tambourine in the hand percussion kit, so the wav files already exist somewhere on my computer.

How do I get the tambourine wav files from one kit to another? I know how to “add instrument” but when I look for the files they are nowhere to be found!
The tutorial I saw downloads a wav file and adds it - thats silly when there is already one in another kit. Is there a provision to just add all the wav files of that instrument to a different kit? This has to be easy to do…

Go into the drum set editor tab of your BeatBuddy Manager. Double-click on the drum set that contains the WAV file you want to access. After you double click it will load up. Locate the instrument you want (tambourine is 51 and 53 in the percussion drumset), and press ‘browse’ - it will bring you to that instrument’s WAV files location (usually multiple WAV files for the same instrument, as they are different velocities). Note the location of the WAV file(s) you want, and then you can place them in the drumset you want, just make sure it has the same mapping. :slight_smile:

But that’s just it - it doesn’t. When I click “Browse” it takes me to an empty folder. I tried to restart and it does the same. It will play the associated wav files when I click on the play button, but it doesn’t show me a file location.

What would be great is when I choose “add an instrument” it would list all of the existing instruments within Beat Buddy that could be selected. When selected, it would import all of the wav files associated with that instrument (without manually finding each one)

What is the empty folder location? Is it your BBWorkspace, or some other place on your computer?