Moving files from Dropbox onto BeatBuddy Manager


For a non tech guy I am really pleased that today I have learned how to create a set list and add songs to it adjusting the temp/styles/BPM to match and synch it to the BeatBuddy pedal itself.

Now for my next massive jump I need some help in really easy to understand language please.

Other forum users are uploading short midi clips and songs that I need which I have managed to save onto Dropbox, I need to know how to move them from Dropbox onto BeatBuddy Manager one step at a time,



On the right side in MGR click the + Song button. Click Main Loop (or other song part), navigate to location of MIDI file and double click. Add whatever additional MIDI song parts. Save. Sync to pedal.

Sorry but I do not understand ?

On the left side not the right is “file” then option of “new song” if I click on this I get a new song on the screen with all the usual intro, main loop, drum fill, transition fill and accent full.

On my Dropbox I have option of option of “download” or “share” which option so I use and how do I then move that song into the BeatBuddy Manager,

Apologies but as I said earlier not tech minded and really need step by step instructions,


No not left side. On right when you hit the + SONG button it will open a new song that has no MIDI parts. If you click add song from the left side it will be looking for a SNG file that already has MidI parts. Once you click + SONG on the right you click any of the song parts then you can navigate to where your MiDI songs parts are and double click them.

Thanks will try that tonight,