Mr. Jones


“Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows

This one should be a little more “lifelike” in that I started with one of Mr. Rista’s (Goran Grooves) fine non-quantized performances (Blues 1) for the high hats, and also noticed other subtle things when opening the MIDI source in the editor (Anvil Studio). So there are a lot of velocity changes with kick, snare, etc. If you’ve got the time, and want to “humanize” your sng files as much as possible, this is a cool way to do it.

I also included transitions and multiple fills for each part. Re: Intro - No tambourine at the beginning. I did copy and edit the standard kit to include tambourine (midi note 54), but the sound samples mapped out weird in the timing with the kick drum, so I changed it to standard hi hat.


Hi c.granger,
I was trying to import this song into the BB software manager and i’m getting an error saying that it “Cannot Parse Portable Song”. Would you know if there’s something different about this song format? Was it exported from BB software manager?

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The song was exported by a wrong BBManager version :frowning:

I’ve fixed the file in OP.
Here is the original (broken) file in case someone still needs it:


Sorry this might be a stupid question but what is OP? You said you fixed the file in OP…


Original Post.


Sorry about that. I was not advised when agreeing to beta test that new versions of BBM were not backwards compatible. Just about every song I’ve posted was done with ver 1.3.3


I wasn’t aware of this myself, until today morning I saw this post and tried to import your song, and… it imported perfectly!
Yet it was reported as a problem. That got me thinking about version compatibility, I tried an older version - and, yes, it was that :confused:


Ahhh… Duh! Thanks!


In the Air Tonight and Mary Jane’s Last Dance also have the same “broken” issue… I’d love to fix these, but have no idea how if it is a compatibility issue with BBM versions. (Would need different computer with different versions of BBM?) How do I know which version was used for which song? Trial and error? Sorry for questions, I’m a newbie…



Those are fair questions… we’re all pretty much still newbies, as everything is still really beta. I had no idea of the compatibility issue until today, and I’ve posted a bunch of songs done on ver 1.3.3. Daefecator has been fixing some of them (thanks again).


OH my fantastic LOVE IT!!


Just checking if this download is still available, prob being dumb but can’t see a link anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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