Multi layered accent hit and mute groups

I would have loved the option to layer accent hits and mute certain parts. Most drummers tend to emphasize cymbals with either a bass drum or snare drum hit, and when a cymbal hit occurs it’s often at the cost of hi-hat hits. It shouldn’t be to hard to implement. Fingers crossed.

No feature is ever hard to implement. It’s the final result that is problematic. It should be thoroughly tested, etc. When you add just one small feature, all other features should be tested as well because of unexpected links between parts of the code.

One solution is to change accents from file playback to drumkit note assign. Chose an accent bassdrum coupled with a cymbal and it mutes the pattern bassdrum when hit to avoid flams.

That’s a good idea, taking it one step further how about setting it to trigger a midi file so you can have any combination of “accent hit”.

To be completely honest, I never fully understood why accent hit is a WAVE file, when everything else is MIDI. If I were to redesign the BeatBuddy, I’d get rid of this inconsistency. Everything would be powered by MIDI.