Multiple BeatBuddies at Once?

Anyone ever sync multiple BeatBuddies together, maybe get one playing some mallets and another doing some hand percussion or something to accompany it? In a more realistic arrangement, you might have one actually playing just drums and the other hats and cymbals. With different accent hits, transitions and fills, it could be interesting.

I`ve also thought about a scenario with two BBs,e.g. one for Drums, the other for Percussion… But that would require Midi control, in my case, to control BBs and Infinitys…:smiley:

Well, since the BB provides MIDI in and out, I don’t see why one BB couldn’t send a clock signal to another BB and a looper, or whatever else needs it. I’m really intrigued, just don’t have two BB’s.

Oh, I was thinking that using a second BB for bass lines would be pretty slick. Then you could eq or compress them differently mix different and even send the bass through a bass amp.


Yes, the idea about using multiple BeatBuddies in a chain just doesn’t leave me for some time now that I have three BeatBuddies at my disposal :slight_smile: I’ll see what can be done after completing any immediate tasks I have for the BBManager development.

Yes, you could run “Quad Stereo” with that setup. That would be interesting. Of course, you would have to have at least 4 amplifiers or a PA with multiple tracks. At least you wouldn’t have to pay 2 drummers.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

With the new Elements pack, it’s been fun to use a looper and record different parts of the drums individually. Not the same as real time, but you can record a kick pattern, then overdub some hats, add some snare and so on. I’ve even added an extra kick or two to an existing beat with great results. It’s sort of like a beat builder controlled by your foot.