My Aeros is dead :(

My looper arrived 10 days ago and I was very excited (i live in Poland so I had to pay ~150 $ customs btw but i knew there is a risk of that). Anyway I started the looper, a firmware was updated to the latest one and I spent a few hours playing with it, then I connected it with BeatBuddy. There is some missing functionalities but it was still full of fun.
I have a very busy time at work so I couldn’t use it until yesterday.
So I connected it to BeadBuddy (with MIDI-IN cable), turned the power button on and clicked LOOP STUDIO on a main screen but then after 1 minute Aeros screen went to black (it looked like the power was off) and from that moment I can’t get it back to live.
So my question is. Is there a plan to have soon some distributors in Europe so I could send them my device to fix the problem?
Kind regards,
PS. Or maybe there is some secret “reset” button or a fuse which can be replaced? Not sure what happened but it looks like the problem with the power. I checked power supply of course and it works fine.

Please contact Support at

Hope Jay can help you restore your pedal so it’s working again without having to ship a replacement.

I’m having the same problem.

Like you I have my Aeros hooked up to my BeatBuddy - it was all working fine when I last used it on Monday of this week, but turning it on today I find my Aeros is completely dead.

Contact They are very helpful. And maybe your case is not that bad.

Same problem for me : worked well then doesn’t start anymore :frowning: . I will contact the support.

Hello Foxmeister,
What did they tell you ? Is there a solution ?