My BB does not recognize my footswitch 2

no pedal right detected is the message . I have the last firmware loaded 4.0.1

Make sure you are using the correct type of patch cable. It should be a TRS cable. Check that the plugs are fully seated at both jacks.

If still having problems, try reinstalling the firmware.

Not working . The cable is ok. It was working when I bought it a few year ago, stop working 2 weeks ago when I bought the 2022 library.

It most likely boils down to

  1. Bad patch cable; swap it out or test with a multimeter.
  2. A bad foot switch; test with a multimeter; if bad, replace.
  3. Bad jack on the pedal that does not make full connection with the TRS tip, ring or sleeve; try cleaning with DeOxit or other contact cleaner. You can try opening the pedal to examine the pedal jack.
  4. A firmware download or install that didn’t quite go right; download and reinstall.

You can try contacting Support, Good luck

Is your patch cable a stereo cable? It must be a stereo cable. Check the ends to see if there is one or two “rings”. Two denote it is stereo.