My folder ... M through P 2017-12-16 - M through P

Being that SS seems to have lost many of our previous posts to resources (except those with links to dropbox files), I’ve decided to post folders of some of what I have.

These will be pulled when/if the resource section is restored.

Download Here

Hi Phil

I downloaded the M-P files but the only way to get then to play is with a double tap which usually stops the loop ? I’m getting closer to getting this figured out :slight_smile:

Ok… so, here’s how I do the majority of my songs… if you look at a song in the computer screen, you’ll notice that in the “main” section, I usually have an “intro” or a “count-in”. That part is entirely silent. All it does is loop over and over, so you, the player, can look at the pedal, get a sense of timing and get ready to go. The actual song is totally in the OUTRO section. So, to get that going (if you don’t have the external foot switch) is to execute the OUTRO with a double tap. That will start the song. The reason I do it that way is b3cause when I was gibbing, I didn’t want the song looping over and over which is what happens if the song is in Main.
Moving it to OUTRO solves that since OUTRO only plays once.
I know it’s a bit confusing, but it works.


I do have the footswitch.In that case is there a better way to start and stop scroll to the next song in the setlist and so on ?



Here’s how I set my switch…
Left button when stopped… scroll back to previous song
Left button when playing… pause song
Right button when stopped … advance to next song
Right button when playing … play OUTRO

so, if you take one of my songs and get it going on the pedal, it’s actually looping the MAIN section . Tapping the RIGHT button on the f/s gets the ding going. When song is done… press pedal to STOP, then RIGHT f/s to advance to next song.

Sounds confusing, but gets to be 2nd nature AND if you set it up that way you get a bonus…

LEFT button press/hold gets back to FOLDER level, then right/left scrolls through folder list.

I also run an app called Band Helper on my iPad… iPad is hooked to midi port on pedal… I select song on iPad and midi signal is sent to pedal to select the proper folder/song as iPad scrolls through lyrics… very cool. Great for gigs.