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Hi Buddy,
I am a newie to BB. May I know how can I go back to previous part?
My case is: Part1 : Verse, Part2: Chorus, Part3: Bridge.
I use BB in church worship. So normal we sing Bridge only after a few rounds of Verse/Chorus. So when I am playing Chorus (Part2) and want to go back to Verse (Part1). How can I do it? I have the Beat Buddy + BB Switch.

You can’t go back a part but there are some things you can do.
You can add extra parts eg
Part1 : Verse, Part2: Chorus, Part3 : Verse, Part4: Chorus, Part5: Bridge.

Or you just need to get a little creative but it requires being able to edit midi files. You could make part 1 the verse and then create a fill that is the full length as the chorus so you can alternate between these two and make the bridge part 2.
Or part 1 verse, part 2 chorus and make the bridge a full length fill in the chorus part.

I would like to be able too, to also get back part… Maybe sometime in the future, when Midi control will be enabled ? (dont want to rush anyone, just give some imaginations, what could be possible;)) But even if Midi control can only act like BB switches (main and extern) we can go by Stus suggestion. Another way is to use transitions as part too (Part 1 verse, part 2 chorus and bridge as transitions in both parts. So you can use fills in all parts at anytime, if you need bridge, make sure to hold main pedal as long as needed…). Hope my english is clear enough to make you understand what I mean.
(But Midi control without any limitations would be soo cool:cool:)

If you don’t do “fills”, you can do this several ways. What I do is make main loop Verse, and make a fill hit the Chorus. Then you could set the 2nd main loop to bridge. So when you are at a verse, and want a chorus, do a short tap (i call this [bb:tap] in my shorthand). If you are at a verse and want bridge, do a long tap for a transition ([bb:trans]). This gives you the flexibility to play whatever part next.

If a chorus always follows a verse, sometimes you can join them into one big loop, as long as the loop isn’t more than 500 events.

Try and be creative and flexible as the more parts you have makes the song more structured and less spontaneous. I often have 3 sections and make do - you don’t have to transition into a different beat for each song section.
Last Sunday we did “here I am to worship” using some of the new ballad beats, the first part (no intro) was just a ride cymbal from the “elements” pack, the second part was full beat with hihat and snare and the last part was ride cymbal and snare. So the intro 1st verse and chorus were just the ride, transition into the 2 verse then transition to the third part for the Chorus. Now for the bridge I had some options transition back into the first part with just the ride and then as the song builds transition into the 2nd part and finally back into the 3rd part for the chorus, or stay on the 3rd part and then transition into the first part for a quiet chorus - which is what we did.
In a live context you don’t want to concentrate too much on controlling the pedal. Being able to trigger verse, chorus, and bridge at random would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thx Guys for the suggestions!