need help: first steps, general overview

I need some information about starting to work with the BB and the BB-Manager. The videos are out of time and do not help.
I connected the BB to my PC by USB. I installed and started the BB-Manager ( And here the trouble begins:
I am asked to choose my workspace. What is that and what for do I need that?
There is a folder named BBworkspace in C: which contains two lib-folders and a readme-file that I do not understand. Nothing else.

Do I have to copy anything from the SD-Card to “BBWorkspace”? And after that do I only work with the files on my harddrive instead of them on the SD-Card?
After I created a song (an intro, mainloop, drumfill, transition etc.), how do I get it on my SD-Card?

  • Recommend you use your computer SD slot reader instead of connecting via USB cable.
  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) menu to set your workspace location (bbworkspace):
  • Follow the onscreen instructions from the BBM splash/startup screen:
  • After you edit or create a song, save it in BBM; you get it on your SD card by using the BBM menu File > Synchronize Project