need MIDI editor suggestion

I’m using Aria Maestosa which is a nice and simple MIDI editor freeware for a MAC and I’m using it to edit the tempo of intos and outros MIDI files so that I can use them in my songs

For example, I would import an intro from a song into the software, change the tempo, save it and then insert it into another song. But occasionally the MIDI software for whatever reason doesn’t export the file properly or not at all.

I would appreciate suggestions for MIDI freeware for the MAC that I can use. I don’t need a big piece of software, just a simple MIDI editor


I use Aria, but my main tool is Reaper. It’s a huge thing though, and does a gazillion things. Have you checked out Beatbuilder? It was created by a guy on this board Charles Spencer. Do a quick look for it.

thanks will do