Neon Moon


Here ya go, I included a zip with the actual midi files in case anyone wants to improve upon them. All I ask is that you share the wealth if you do :slight_smile:

This song is pretty straight forward. There is a simpler fill after the first verse than the second, so I choose to include the fancier version after section A. The only fill is the build for the very end, in order to immulate the song, you will need to trigger the fill, then set one of your buttons to pause, because it pauses directly after the buildup into that part. The outro is simple, just ends on one since the studio version fades.



I reworked this one a little bit. I just took your midis and rearranged them a bit and added a loop for every verse and chorus. I also created a Transition Fill for the pause at the very end of the song. Press it on the word “… DANCE in and out…” and hold it for 3 bars. It will transition back to the first loop to end the song.


Nicely done! Both of you …


Can someone re-post this please?? Thanks!!


Here you go.


Thank you!!!


anyone still have the link or the file to share here thanks i really appreciate it


can you upload the song neon moon thanks