neophyte needs some assistance....

I’m stupid dumb at this stuff… loopers, DAW’s, midi, etc. And I have no drum experience. I kinda know what 4/4 time is… do ya get the picture? Anyway I thought a BB would be kind of fun to hone skills I have yet to acquire as I’m trying to learn some slide guitar. Can someone suggest a beat/drum kit that might work well with Cream’s version of Rollin’and Tumblin’? I would be most appreciative!

Oh, I thought you meant me :slight_smile:

Either I chose the wrong forum, or perhaps the BB is not intended for the inexperienced.

I tried yesterday, I listened to Cream play it (enjoyed it), but I can’t say I found a beat fitting it. But then I’m a classic country guy.

hey Pineears… I appreciate your reply and your efforts!!!

To me this fits the basic part of the beat, not perfect but usable. This is a 2 beat feel out of the Country folder, from the 700 free Groovemonkee MIDI loops.

Thanks Pineears… I appreciate your time. However, I don’t know what to do with a .sng fie. I searched a bit and haven’t come up with any answers. I can’t import this into the BB can I?

Start by reading this and watching the videos,

You need to download the sng file, once downloaded, you need to import it. My 2nd video explains how to import songs using the BeatBuddy manager software.

It’s not hard, I learnt it. There are hundreds and soon to be thousands of SNG files for various song Titles that BB buddies have uploaded… so it’s priority to learn how to get these into the BB pedal.

Thanks… I had watched the first video, I should have persevered.

Thanks guys! I watched video #2, updated to v 1.33 to solve the ‘cannot parse portable song’ issue. And imported successfully! Appreciate your help… Gary

Was thinking EXACTLY the same when I clicked the topic name :slight_smile:

To be honest, the overall BeatBuddy learning curve is a bit too steep at the moment. The official BeatBuddy team currently has plans to make this process much less annoying and more fun in the future. Though, nothing important to announce yet.