New BeatBuddy owner

I’m not an Android guy, so don’t run out and buy this without doing some research, but some people on other forum have indicated they are using FL Studio Mobile as a live looper. You might want to do some Googling to see if there is any way to midi sync it with B.B., or with anything. If it can receive the clock signal from B.B., who knows? It might work.

Thanks for the reply Phil. much appreciated. Will check into it. Yeah I know everyone in the music/recording world uses Apple/Mac products. Its the nature of the industry and I agree they do offer great resources and tools for artists and it makes more sense as Apple’s in the past have had less issues/crashes/viruses and in the industry its too important to lose important stuff.

BTW, Got my BB today and playing around with it. Updated the Firmware to 2.04 with no issues.

Listened to sounds/beats with my headphones and they sound great

Hi kinglerxt. What did you end up buying? The DittoX4? or Quantiloop? I’m also looking for a not too expensive looper that can sync with my BB.

I bought the RC-3 but ended up sending it back shortly after I got my BB. I have nothing at the moment due to the fact that the ditto x4 has the software issue and it seems BB is working on their own looper to perfectly sync with the BB pedal so for now I can wait. no urgent need. i too dont have a lot of cash to spend on an expensive $500+ looper when Im only a hobbyist who doesnt play guitar much anyways.

Thanks for that info kinglerxt…

If you sell it, you will never know how great this thing is, and that would be a shame. It will get easier and you will soon understand how to use and edit. I would really suggest taking a deep breath and hanging in there!