New beatbuddy

This is my first day owning a beat buddy and my first post on the this forum.
First impressions of the box are similar to yours in regards to the simple stuff.
If I booked a drummer for a swing gig and he sounded anything like the swing presets, he’d be packing up after the first tune!!
Had a giggle at what beats came out of the ‘oldies’ presets. If that is old, there might need to be an ‘ancient’ folder for fox trots, quick steps etc.

Hi Nags. Thought I was alone with this view and thought that I might be missing something. Jive or Quick step, something like Van Morrison’s " Bright side of the road" is what I’m after.
Groove Monkey have issued a new Country Style rhythm in pbf. format that hopefully addresses this issue. Check out “Rick F” in General Discussion. He is working on downloading this from Groove Monkey to Beat Buddy Manager and then on to the Beat Buddy pedal. I hopefully will be trying to do same over next few days. Let’s see what the result will be.

Sorry. Rick F can be found in “General Discussion” then under “Importing Groove Monkey Folders”

Just got my GM Country rhythms loaded onto my BB Manager, and on to the BB Pedal without any problem. Sounds good but what is going on with Outro? Goes on and on and on. Looks like someone got carried away. Can this be edited in BB Manager? Hope so.

Hi “aashideacon”… . can you point me to documentation or a Youtube description of how to get the beat buddy to play bass? Its frustrating that I am completely at a loss. I see a number of “songs” that are “xyz and bass” but when I play them … only the drummer is making sounds.

You probably just haven’t downloaded the right drum kit.

Download this:]

Then, import that kit into your beatbuddy manager. Once there, click on “Drum Sets” and make sure there is a checkmark next to this kit (called SuperbassG). This checkmark means that it will export to your SD card.

Make sure that the “with bass” song you want has this drum set selected. You should be able to preview it in BB Manager. Export project to your SD card, and you should be good to go!

I have lots of “with bass” songs here:
@Phil[/USER] and [USER=500]@Guitar Stu and others have lots of them as well.

Dude! thanks. this is extremely helpful. I owe you!

aashideacon, I am really keen to add guitar comping (I play left hand basslines, with right hand keys) to some tunes to add some variation…could I prevail upon you to explain in some further detail how you added the guitar parts please?



First, go here:

The main link is bad, but click on the first link in the Overview that says DOWNLOAD HERE. This is a kit with drums, bass, and guitar. I have described the midi notes you need to get each sample. The drums are pretty standard. The bass go from 64 up to 88, which is kinda our standard for “with bass” kits. What I did was above that, i put guitar strum samples. 92-103 are major chords, and 104-115 are minor chords.

I assume you know to make a song out of a midi clip, so I’ll post a couple. If you have the SuperbassG drum kit, with each of these, you should hear drums, bass, and guitar.

Putting in the guitar strumming is very tricky, because the “one” of a strum is definitely not the beginning of the sample, right? It’s kinda like halfway through the strum when the volume is loudest… What I did with these is copy the bass line, and moved it up where the guitar strums were, adjusted for the octave of minor vs major, and then listened moving the samples back in time, so that eventually the sound of the “one”, or the beat of the strum, sounded in time. Once you try one, you’ll see. The night moves strum is a bit of verse, and a bit of chorus, so listen to the loop all the way through.

oky dokes I’ll check that out and see if I can adapt it to what I want to achieve…be a lot of work editing in chords for a full song though I would imagine, unless the chord changes can be triggered via midi somehow…still waiting for my midi cable so I cannot try or test much at all yet :frowning:

it’s not terribly hard though. What I did was “select all notes of same value” and adjusted them all back and forth in time at once.

What midi software do you use? It’s possible to work with midi and create bb songs completely without the pedal… That’s how I do it. I mainly use Reaper.

I use Sonar Platinum

Those downloads don’t work to hear the strum.

something is up with my export of walkdontstrum, but the other one should work. You have to use SuperBassG as the drumkit