New Beats Folder - is Copying necessary?

Hi, I found no answer to my question, whether I have to copy the mid and wav-files by myself to the workspace-folder or if the import-action does this? I bought several beat-packages but I have not found any changes in the workspace-area. Shouldn’t I find changed directories and contents in the BB-Workspace? Are all the Midi- and Wav-files, that come with bought packages are automatically copied to the workspace, from wherever I import it? I have a real problem with understanding what has to be where and what gets automatically somewhere and what will I maybe have to copy to a place.
Or e.g. if I import a single sng-file - how will the midi get whereto? I have to copy it, have I to import it?

Where can I find the answer to these questions? Thanks a lot in advance! Marina

If you bought beats or drums kits from Singular Sound, they come with instructions on using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to import the folder, song or drum set. The BBM places everything where it needs to go so you don’t have to worry about it. Same generally goes for drum sets and songs made by forum users.

Ok. I was worrying whether I should better download the drumsets and beat-sets in the workspace folder so everything is “in it”. So the PBF- etc. files “do this” (for me) . . . Thanks …

Correct. Always use the BBM to manage BeatBuddy songs, pbf folders, and drum sets. The app tracks what goes where and if you try to use your computer operating system to move, copy or delete, it will mess things up.

Don’t try to figure out where the files are at or where they should be in your workspace. They could be in folders nested several layers deep. I gave up trying to make sense of the file and folder structure in the BBworkspace a long time ago :confused: