New firmware

i readed somewhere in this forum that i can make my songs with bass more snapier with note off. Can i do this without making changes to my old songs?

  • what i have to do to make it.
  • do i have to set up any switches at beatbuddy?


This is very confusing for me also. It is my understanding the developers are working somehow to build it into the manager or firmware but something about certain drum kits have been built to change the choke to 0. Confusing for my non-techie brain. Any clarity on this would be appreciated.

It depends. The big question is: Does my midi have note-offs? If it DOES, and you set up the kit to use note offs, then everything works great!

Here’s the rub: old versions of bb manager ignored note-offs, because the player ignored them anyway, so there is alot of midi imported into older songs that have no note-offs. Why? Because the drum samples are inherently short by nature, so they basically just played in full. Also, there is an issue right now about people exporting this “old midi” With no note-offs, it looks terribly in MIDI editors.

I hope that helps!

Thank you, yes it helps!
So when i switch my beatbuddy to “note off” on and on my midi there is no “note off” does that do any effect to my output?

Ooops, i wanted to setup my BB but there is only “choke notes” and “ignored”.
My Firmware release is 1.8.5?

When i use “note off” can i remove the cracking noises?

Whats wrong

When we (meaning @Guitar Stu ) started figuring how to to do bass, the big question that became apparent: How do you stop a note. Since we can bass notes of varying length, we put in a long bass sample, like 4 seconds long. He basically settled on using “choke” to stop a note. What “choke” is, is as follows: put several instruments into one choke group. When any instrument in that group plays, stop all the other notes in that group. Most typically for drums, it’s high hats, open and closed. A closed high hat will stop an open high hat sound. Without choke, the instrument sample plays to completion. So, if you have nothing to stop the bass note, it will play it’s full 4 seconds, and the bass notes “pile up” and sound awful. I added the “non percussion” feature to allow note-offs, or zero velocity notes, to stop an instrument, much like most other midi devices.

About the cracking noises–the latest firmware should be getting rid of the crackling regardless if it’s by choke or by note off. Some bass samples don’t start at 0, so they will crackle in the beginning, but that’s a content issue. Which with bass kit are you using? Maybe someone has fixed it already.

Fingerstyle brushes with bass has all those noises. Turned to non-percussion and zero choke on bass notes 64-88 & is less noise but still not noise / crackle free. Anyone fix it totally?

I do not see the option to turn on/off “non-percussion.” Please advise. I’m running 1.8.5 Firmware and 1.64 manager.

Hi All

I have been reading all I can about bass notes and the new note off facility that is coming when the new (i.e. later than 185) firmware lands.
I am mad keen to get stuck in with generating and sharing some Jazz/Blues standards songs (bought some nice kits, got some great groove packs from Groove Monkey, downloaded a bunch of midi files of various quality…) but don’t want to dive in and find what I have done needs re-working to make it sound OK. I still need to find some time to practice my guitar playing :slight_smile:
So could I ask those MIDI gods involved in all this magic to PLEASE publish something of a guide to getting this to work including all the seemingly obvious stuff like what kits to use and where to get them, setting up midi, loading files etc.
But in any event, a HUGE thank you to the guys who are making this happen, both the official BB guys and the dedicated users on this forum whose names keep popping up to help us all. THANK YOU! Having the bass line was a big deciding factor in buying the BB.
All the best

Download the latest tune I posted

Hello Phil,
Where can i find this tune and what will it show to me?

Tunes are all in the resource section. Just look for my most recent…easy to find. Creedence. Unzip the file, you’ll find the song, the tab and a read me file.