New guy, old question (most likely)

I am brand new, got a new SD card (32 gig), works great, backed up SD data (check), synchronized SD card that came with BB to BBM (works great so far). My question is how to I make my SD card and BBM to recognized the User Generated songs? The user stuff has song files that end in “.SNG” while all the song files on the SD card (from Singular Sound), end in “.BBS”. I need guidence here, do SNG files work on the BB? will they be recognized by BBM? Help!

As long as you use the BBM to import (and otherwise manage BB content) the .sng files will be recognized by the BBM and pedal.

Think of the .sng files as wrappers for the .bbs files.

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Thank you, also I am reading through the BBM quick start guide which is filling in some of the holes in my understanding of how BB & BBM work. Thanks again.

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