New guy with mini2 with question

Greetings everyone
Recieved my new beatbuddy mini2 from Sweetwater today and love it. I seen a list of “song settings” that someone posted a while ago and was wondering if there is more here or other places on the net? My search c as me up empty and was just wondering if I’m not seeing them.

Spent a few hours with it today and like it more then the trio I have had f ou r the last year.

Anyway thanks for any help :metal:

I guess I’m in the same boat you are…I’ve started going through songs i do/like and experimenting til I find something I can live with…would be nice if there was something from singular sound for the mini 2 like there is the beatbuddy

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Yup I thought there would be something but nothing. Once you have a bpm of the song you can dial something in that can work. That what I have been doing

Here is the other page with pdf,

Edit never mind it’s not letting me post it