New MM Owner - Missing Key iOS MM Features

I would have expected these to be no-brainer features…

  1. The manual shows trash cans to delete Custom Modes I created that I don’t want. My latest iOS version has no trash cans to delete Custom Modes.
  2. Can’t pick a Custom Mode, you have to keep pressing the BB extension Foot-switch through pages and pages to get to the Custom Mode you’re looking for.
    2a. Would be great if there was an edit button to reorder Custom Modes to your liking.
  3. I can drag/drop a button command within the page it is in but can’t move it to another page
  4. Can’t move (or swap) Custom Mode pages
  5. The manual says you will find app version in gray at bottom of menu screen - not on my latest iOS version.
  6. The manual shows trash cans to delete My Commands - doesn’t exist on the latest iOS ver.

I got some things to work to control my BB and Aeros but very disappointed these items are missing above and I really want to keep this unit but considering return. I hope some/all these items show up in MM iOS updates before my GC return date!

Hello there,

We understand the apps are not in the best state, the versions out were not built as best as they could have been from the start and we have already corrected this in our upcoming 2.0 version of the MM apps. The iOS version has further drawbacks than the android version, but we can definitely point out these drawbacks in a newer version of manual. We have since changed developers and used the same designer as the Aeros, and are very happy with the team.

The new design is meant to handle all of the cases you mentioned above and more. It has already begun development, unfortunately we will not be addressing any more issues on the current 1.4.x build. We understand this is not ideal but time is much better and optimally spent on a new design.

I’m not sure what you are referring to here. The Midi Maestro has 3 modes: 2 Default Modes and one Custom Mode. You can only load one custom mode to the MM at a time using the app. The app can have as many custom modes as you want. We may eventually allow writing all three modes as custom modes but first things first is the redesign! You can only select custom modes by pressing the modes button on the back of the unit or pressing and holding the bottom Left and bottom center buttons to return to the main menu on the MM.

Thanks for the questions and reports!

Appreciate the response Brennan, do you have an ETA on 2.0?

Also thanks for the Custom Mode insight. It seems I have to page through 2 different Custom Modes I created for BB which includes several blank screens until the second Custom Mode. I’ll keep exploring. TX

No current estimate for the 2.0 but it is moving along and is not slowed down right now.

Feel free to reach out to for some one on one help walking through the app, I am a little confused by what you said, there is no way to use the external footswitch to change modes, but I may be misunderstanding!

Happy testing!