New "Old School" User

Hi all! I just bought a BeatBuddy and the additional pedal, downloaded the Manager software and I’m “OK” with computers but was really hoping this unit would be truly easy for a novice. I also downloaded the list of actual tunes available (not BBsongs) which included stuff like “Hurts So Good”, etc. What I want to know is how to get all of those songs (and others that become available) into the BeatBuddy from an SD card or direct load so i can use them in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been playing drum triggers with my feet and the legs are wearing out. Can someone help me get 4 hours of oldies into the pedal?

You cannot just copy songs etc to the beatbuddy sd card. Everything needs to be imported via beatbuddy Manager program on the software and then export the project to the beatbuddy or the SD Card.

Thanks Stu. Guess I’ll have to man up and read the tutorial :slight_smile:

As a quick start 2 “don’ts”: 1) Don’t try to access your pedal via usb… use the sd card to move stuff. 2) Don’t edit the SD card at all. Use BB Manager.

So, open up bb manager the first time, and point it to your sd card, and import all the stuff on it. I believe it will guide you through this to begin with.

Then, pilfer the Beats forum, and downloading beats, songs, and kits from those, and importing into bb manager. Organize into folders! You will quickly get overwhelmed at the variety of songs/beats available.

Then sync bb manager project back to your card. It will ask if you want to link it, so unless you are going to use multiple cards say yes.

From then on it’s just a matter of doing your organizing and stuff in bb manager, syncing to the card.

Thanks a lot Aashideacon! I’ll follow those steps.

Hmmmm! Multiple cards? You just gave me a premium idea. I could have different cards with different Genres of music on them and when I wanted to change out to another type of music, I could just swap out cards and be ready to go. Of course, you could put them all into one card but then you would have to bend over to change folder or location where they were at and then hunt for it. But if you had them on another card, just switch the cards out and go for it. Thanks for the “Catch Phrase” idea. I will give it a try. The pedal should reconfigure itself each time so it should work.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.