New Pedal, Cannot Access Settings

Okay, I really love what the BeatBuddy does, and I plan on using it a lot in the current project I’m in (acoustic duet). However, I have been messing with this thing all afternoon trying to get it to access the settings on the pedal. I have installed and reinstalled the latest firmware, erased everything on the SD Card and reloaded it (and was surprised to see a bunch of bonus drum tracks), reloaded the firmware again, and now I’m wondering if this is a defective unit.
Yes, I am pushing Drum Set and Tempo at the same time, and all that is happening is a drum default message pops up.
Before I send this back, is there a firmware patch that may fix it? It feels like the button is working, but not setting off its function.

Sometimes the downloaded firmware just isn’t complete so I would start by re-downloading. If you’re connecting the pedal via USB, use your computer’s slot reader or an external SD reader.

After you’ve copied the files to the top level of your card, power the pedal down and insert the card in the pedal and then power back up. Let it complete the update. Press and release the 2 knobs at the same time. If it’s working, you’re good. If not, contact

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Does either knob work individually e.g., press the Drum Set and it brings up a list of the available drum sets; press the Tempo knob and it displays a genre folder contents?

Which version of the firmware are you using?

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It wouldn’t hurt to update to the new firmware. It’s on the Singular Sound page, Products, then Beat Buddy, then look for Downloads.

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This. Make sure the hardware is working correctly. I’m sure you already know this, but, in the spirit of “Is it plugged in?” you know you have to press both knobs at the same time, yes.


I downloaded the firmware twice, thinking the first time may have been corrupted. It’s version 3.6.0, the latest one on the site. The Drum knob works, but the tempo button does nothing when I push it.

Yes, did that. I was scrolling through several posts of this same issue and someone said they had to step on it. That should never have to happen. If it’s that hard to push, it’s defective.

Also used the computer card slot. It looks like hooking it up via USB isn’t a wise idea so I didn’t do that at all. I did some research before I even bought it. I’m sort of OCD like that.

This is a hardware issue. Please email me at and I will provide you instructions on getting your unit replaced.

Thank you for your quick response!
Looking forward to unlocking the full potential of this thing. I’m pretty impressed so far!

Sorry, I missed that. So much for my tech support skills.