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Hey folks,
We’ll be updating this post with new releases as they become available.

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BTW, looking forward to purchasing that vintage kit!


Where can the list of songs be found?


Just click on any of the pictures in the above and it should take you to more info about each volume.


That’s right. Each product listing has the songs listed.


I bought all 3 of these packages. How do I know where in the song to hit the pedal, especially for the fills, to match the original song? Is there some sort of guide that would tell me where for each song (such as where in the lyrics) I should do things?


In short, no.You should go through the songs in BB Manager and preview sections. Each MIDI file used has been marked with “verse”, “chorus” etc. that would help with knowing what section is what. I do have my own drum guide charts that I created for beat creation by transcribing the parts. They indicate the form and what beat is used in which section. If you think that my charts will help, I can send them to you. They are hand written. Let me know.
Some songs have a lot of parts, which may be overwhelming to play live. You have to decide if you want to keep the forms as they are, or simplify them. I included everything, so that there is no shortage for those wanting the whole thing, but it may not be the most usable for some people.

@Daef Bro, we need to get rid of file name truncation in BB Manager, so users can see the full names of midi files used for each section. This is very important.


How many songs in each Volume, is it 300 for each volume, or 100 per a volume for a total of 300?
Also how about a complete list of the songs in each volume instead of mentioning only 10 songs for each volume?


Er, I reckon there are only 10 songs in each volume from what it says on the website.


It is 300000 songs in each volume! Just kidding: 10 in each and they are all listed in product descriptions.


Sorry then I misunderstood what it says on the link:
" We got our hands on a list of 300 most popular songs that gigging musicians around the world have on their set lists. "


Don’t know much about the songs, as my tastes are very different to the average joe and his list of 300…
But that ludwig kit just sounds awesome.
All the other kits in BB are getting a bit dusty now that the old ludwig is installed.


Have to agree with nags - the Ludwig is my go-to kit now. Simple, crisp and not too loud. Great job Goran.


Working on adding bass to it


Hi Goran,
Can you make a Drum Beat for Worship Cover Songs as well? Cheers…


Hi, I ordered Vol I & Vol III 3 days ago. The money has left my account via PayPal, in which case, I would consider it paid. Still though 3 days later I have not received a link via email. And on the download section, when logged into my account, still says payment pending. Can someone from BB shed some light on this please?


Send an email to - and he will take care of this for you.


I bought the vintage kit and love them. Ludwigs do sound great!!


The Ballad Drum kit is great too. It’s got a lot more reverb than the other kits so it sounds great in the basement. In a live setting, it might be a little reverb-heavy


I have had a look at the song titles an all three albums. While a number of them are songs I play but I would need to buy all three albums and probably use about 14 songs. Can I make a suggestion.
How about having all the songs in a single list then offering individual downloads, with a minimum number of songs say 10 at 50c each. We could then download 14 songs that we really need and it will cost $7.00 If I wanted these 14 songs from the 3 albums it is going to cost me $15.00, but I will only used 14 songs. This will become advantageous as more songs are added to the list.
I hope am making sense. Great work!!