New Songs

Hi all I’m thinking of buying a Beatbuddy, can you download new songs to add to the existing ones or do you have to delete some first.

You can add as many songs as you like.
The size of a song file is less than 1mb so space on the sd card is no problem.
The only limitation I know of is that you can only have 99 songs in one folder but I don’t think there is any limit to number of folders.

Eg the beat buddy comes stock with their folders for Blues, Rock, Funk etc and I have added extra folders for songs I created, Band setlist, solo setlist, other user created songs etc.

Thanks for that, where do I download the songs from, is it from the BB site.

All the songs that are not on the beatbuddy at purchase are all user created and can be found in the beats[/URL][/B] section of the forum. A forum member has also created a site with links to all the user created songs [B][URL=‘’]Here

I have a thread which links to all the songs I have created Here.
And then if you have the time a bit know how you can create songs yourself.


Eddy what you can do if you want to sort of try it first you can download the Beatbuddy Manager (BBM) software from the beatbuddy main site in downloads down the bottom of the page. You will also have to download a copy of the SD Card back up and you can load this into the beatbuddy manager as your pedal. This will give you full use of the BBM. You can use the virtual pedal to play the songs like you would with the real pedal and you can upload user created songs to it and try them as well and create folders etc.

I did this before I recieved my pedal and had started creating songs before recieving the physical pedal. Synced straight away to pedal once recieved.

Thanks for all your comments I’ll download BBM software and try it.

How do you load the SD Card back up to use as a virtual pedal.

I believe Stu meant ‘SD card back up’ to be an archive that you need to download from the download page - - this is a zip archive you will need to unpack.
Then you use BBManager Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal and point to the folder where you have unpacked the archive to.
After all this steps you can use BBManager as if it was a hardware pedal, but on your computer only - that’s why it was most likely called a “virtual” pedal.