New to BBmanager, Mac help

SO I am new to the BBmanager, I installed the software, hooked the pedal to the Mac and I am trying to Import the SD card into my Mac. When I hit import I don’t see the Beat buddy. Any help???

Better Yet, I found the files and the ones I bought from the Premium content but it says its not able to import because its not PBF??? It says its PBF? so Far, this software is obnoxious.

Due to technical limitations and Mac programming complications, hooking BeatBuddy pedal to Mac is currently not supported.

Just plug the BeatBuddy SD card to your Mac either directly or via the USB adapter stick, then proceed to importing to it with the BBManager software.

I’m glad i had to waste hours of my life to find this answer on a forum when it should have been TOLD TO YOUR CUSTOMERS UP FRONT.

For what it’s worth. I’m a Mac, Beat Buddy user too and the fact that the pedal doesn’t mount in the Finder has not been a show-stopper for me. Additionally, I’m pretty confident I put in more time testing and writing about the issue, than others’ have posted about it, including trying to get it to work with virtual machine. I did this knowing it’s just as disclosed as it would be in a FAQ or manual.

You can review it here:

BeatBuddy support has responded, considerately. I’m not holding my breath for when they get around to getting the pedal to mount on OS X, since the SD card method is just as efficient - not having the pedal directly connect has NOT tainted my experience. I know some day, they’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Also, I have always perceived the founder and team to be a small group of people bringing a cool product to market. My expectations are reasonable for what the first generation pedal is and does. I didn’t expected every i to be dotted or t crossed. And, I’ve already had my pedal replaced - I’m satisfied. Stuff happens.

Don’t mean to be sensational, but their ‘about’ video is kind a cool.

Previously, they had a more extensive page showing the evolution of their crowd funding for the pedal which, I thought was cool.

Signed, Satisfied Customer!

Maybe they need to make it a bit clearer and upfront, (although it is by no means hidden) that the Beatbuddy can’t be directly connected to a Mac.

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