New to Beatbuddy

Well that rules out my thought. I think you guys have a problem that is over my head. I would sure like to figure it out though, I love a challenge like this. I will keep thinking about it and see if I can replicate it.

One more thought, are you typing in the command in the metadata section or are you using the midi editor to enter your program and controls in?

So far I’ve been typing the command in the song editor page, immediately under the title. My next project is to see if I can type a command that will lower the volume on a Cajon set that I downloaded from this forum. All my beats are either cajon or brushes–I play solo acoustic and they seem to work best with that–but the volume of the cajon set is much louder.


Try putting your commands in the midi editor. I think that might solve your problem. You will also be able to adjust your volumes and tempos. That is how I have done everything and it has been working great. I think if you use the midi editor it embeds it in ONSONG. You won’t see it in the song editor page but it will still work. I would be anxious to know if that cures your problem. I feel 80% sure it will.

I tried to control the volume by clicking on “i” on the edit page, clicking “control”, choosing #7-volume, and lowering the slider. It put a CC:7:91 (I’m not positive of the punctuation because it was a few nights ago and I don’t have my iPad in front of me) command where 91 was the setting I lowered the slider to on the edit page, but it didn’t affect the volume. Maybe I should have lowered it more.

OK, now I see what you are doing. You can’t change the volume using those CC#'s. Remember this, those numbers and what’s behind them mean nothing when using ONSONG. Those are standard midi commands but in this situation you have to use the CC’s that BB has assigned to it’s midi mapping.

So for volume you have to enter this:
CC 108
Value 91
That will set it to 91% of total volume.

Now if you want to set the beat you enter this:

CC 106
Value 0

Then enter another CC, this one is:

Enter 1 - 127 depending on the tempo you want.

If you go past 127 BPM then you have to enter this:

Value 1

Value 1 in CC 106 starts the tempo at 128 then set:
Slider to 10 and it will play at a 138 BPM.

Hope that makes sense.

Now to set up a specific drum set as I think you said you use Cajon you would do this:

CC 116
Value (the number that correlates to your Cajon set) 1= Blues on mine, not sure how yours are set up. Just look at the drum song on BB and you will get your number.

Now I use 10 as my channel for BB, if you use OMNI and BB is the only midi you have hooked up you will be fine. I send midi signals to other midi machines so I have to assign specific channels for each one. 10 is used 99% of the time for drums. Just some extra information to mess with you. Keep plugging away and it will all make sense soon.
Hope this helps.

It definitely helps, thank you. But since I already have the songs saved in a folder with BPM and drum sets assigned I only need to change the volume. So since I already have a midi command that reads, “MIDI:0.0:0” for the first song in the folder, then next to it I should type, “CC 108.x”? Where x is the percent of the volume for that particular song–in my case those that use the Cajon set? Is the punctuation correct in the CC command?

I have never entered it like you are doing so I am not sure but I can tell you that 1 is 1%, 2 is 2%, 50 is 50% etc. So if it is true the CC would be “CC:108:90” for 90% of volume, I think, if that doesn’t work drop the : and put in a ., again I have never entered them that way. You can go over 100 but the volume will only go to 100%. Are you able to get it to pull up your cajon drum set with the “CC116”? I still think if you would use the midi editor instead to enter the commands you would have less problems. If you go to the download page of BB you can get the MIDI manual and it will tell you all the commands. It at least sounds like you are making progress.


Do you have a folder in Onsong that you keep referring to? I might be missing something here. I don’t use folders but maybe I should.

Yes, I created a folder at the top of my BB Manager that is my “gig” folder. In it are, currently about 90 songs, by song name. They are beats that I have edited from stock beats, forum beats, premium content beats, and so forth. I’ve edited them to my liking, i.e. deleted loops I didn’t like/need, set the BPM, changed the drum set, etc. And at the end of the editing process I named it. Hence my not needing to use MIDI commands from onsong to set the proper beat, tempo, and drum set. All I have to do is select the song on OnSong and it goes to the song in the folder and it’s all there already. BUT, I’m in need of a volume adjustment for certain drum sets. The BB Manager doesn’t have an option for that. That’s my next goal. I’m going to try your advice to lower the volume on the songs that need it. Unfortunately this won’t happen until early next week as this weekend I’m busy with full band, non BB, gigs. But I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. And thanks again for the advice.

OK, that is what I thought you were doing. I know you can get the volume to work, you just have to enter that command in Onsong and it will change it when you change your song. The only problem is if you don’t set a volume on every song it will stay at the last volume set. If you play the list in the same order then all you need to do is change the next song after you make an adjustment. Good luck. Have a fun gigging weekend.

Midi will recognize the folders in the sequential order you see it in the BBManager . So in the BBManager, when you look at the songs, you see the folder list. The top one is 0, the second is 1, etc… so to play the third song from the second folder, the OnSong midi command would be Midi:0.1:2. In my case, rather than creating folders by style, I’ve created alphabetic folders, located them sequentially at the top of the folder list in BBManager by drag and drop and have include the Midi folder position in the title. For example, the fist folder is named 00-My Songs A, the second is 01-My Songs B, etc to 25-My Songs Z. I then use OnSong to create set lists by styles, groups or other rather than creating setlist folders. This also makes it easy when you add a new song, just put it in the right alphabetical folder, in the right sequence and you can figure out right away the folder number and song number. You also wind up only having to rename the Midi commands of the subsequent songs in that letter only, not all your songs…Food for thought

Congrats on your retirement, Papaya. More time now for even more music, right? :smiley:

I’ve played a few gigs now where I’ve enjoyed having the BB respond to the proper song simply by changing to that song in OnSong–not to mention it’s easier on my back. In a few days I’ll try to put in a CC command to control the BB’s volume, which seems to vary between kits. jjs, looking at the Ruairi M video on YouTube, his CC commands look like CC106:1. Using his punctuation example, I’ll try CC108:90 for a beat where I want 90% volume and see if that works.

Well, that worked pretty good. Most of the time. I used the set up (Beat Buddy to PUC+ to OnSong on iPad using AirTurn) at a gig last weekend. But, for some unimaginable reason, a few songs trigger the same (not as specified in OnSong) song on the Beat Buddy. Any thoughts? I have all my songs stored in the first folder (set list), and they are identified from the first song on the Beat Buddy as “0”, and so on - with many songs basically re-named versions of the songs inside of the pedal. In other words, Blues 1 could be called up several different times, just re-named to match the name of the song. Next up, link to Pigtronics looper and Korg delay.

That happened to me last weekend but it was simply operator error. Bringing up “Doctor My Eyes” on OnSong brought up “Do You Believe In Magic” on the BB. I’d mistakenly switched the two MIDI commands. I guess double check the midi command against the location in the BB folder?

Another issue sometimes is the midi command errors in typing such as commas instead of periods or semicolons instead of colons.

I’m really interested to know more about your setup and get your advice.

My situation is that I’m training as a minister in Scotland. Once finished I expect to possibly be in situations where I am the only musician for a time; I play guitar. It will likely be with small to medium groups. I plan to use BeatBuddy through an amp like Fishman Loudbox Mini. But I wonder about filling out the sound, so I like the idea of also using pads through Onsong on my ipad.

But I’m not sure what my shopping list would be? Any ideas? Here’s an initial list:

Loudbox Mini with stand and cover
BeatBuddy with BeatBuddy pedal or Blueboard pedal board
BeatBuddy computer programme
Onsong app with Bluetooth pedal - do I need to buy extra apps or add ons for Onsong?
PUC+ Bluetooth midi interface plus midi cable
MIDI flow app for ipad
Pad sounds from Worship Tutorials(?)
Mic, mic stand, mic cable
ipad holder for mic stand

Should I consider anything else? I’d love to know of anything that adds in a bass line, though I hear thats possible with BeatBuddy now? A bit of me likes the TC Helicon Play Acoustic too to add harmonies.

Is this the best setup for what I’m looking for? Do people use other setups alongside their BeatBuddy?

I prefer the Yamaha BT interface over the PUC. The Yamaha interface doesn’t require a battery. It’s the MD-BT01 interface.

That looks interesting, also cheaper. Would I loose anything by not having the PUC? I’m new to all this, so what app does the controlling of the BeatBuddy when using the MD-BT01 - Onsong? Would I still need MIDI Flow app to help control things (I saw a YouTube video where this app was used for setting up control of the BeatBuddy when using Blueboard pedal, which I think would be a handy pedal since it gives double the options compared to the BeatBuddy pedal)?