New to Midi

Hi all,
Just getting into Midi.
I downloaded John Denver’s “Country Roads” as midi file and it plays fine on Beatbuilder. (In Beatbuilder the screen does not move with the cursor as the song is playing
Am I missing something?)
When I import the midi file into BBM, it plays but with completely different drum sounds.
Any help appreciated.

Came across thread in forum that mentioned that you have to SAVE the file in Beatbuilder
before it becomes compatible with BBM. This did the job.
Still can’t get the screen (song) to move with cursor in Beatbuilder.

Well yes, you will need to save the MIDI file and then import it into the BBManager if you want it on your pedal. For questions specific to BeatBuilder, @CharlesSpencer would be the one to ask, since he is the one who created it. :slight_smile:

Thanks a million, will do.