New User...forgive basic question - editing drum kit volume

I received my BB just a few days ago…love it. I have stayed up each night since and am lacking sleep, but it’s so worth it. I know this must have been cover a gazillion times. I have set up a set file with different beats and different kits. I can’t find how to program in the volume of the kit with the individual songs. If I set the amp for a good volume on the flamenco kit, for example the Ludwig kit (which sounds great, by the way) is way to loud. I know I must be overlooking something obvious, but a quick tip would be appreciated.

No your not missing anything, currently this is not possible but they are working on it. What you can do is change the volume of the individual instruments in a drum kit. I lowered every instrument in the standard kit by -3db and saved it as “Standard kit -3db”. Watch my drum editor tutorial for more info.

Surprised…but thank you for your response. I’ll try that.