New User Needs Tutorial

Hi Guys

I’m a new Beatbuddy user and I have spent some time reading things through and experimenting.
I’m very happy with the equipment but I find the lack of tutorials frustrating.

Is there a tutorial somewhere about creating a one click song?

Any comments and info welcomed.

(seems to be a lot of good people here)

Also new to this and looking for a tutorial for creating a 1 click sng from a multi-part
Just for the drums…putting the Intro, Part1, Part2…, Outro together.

Is there a way to copy and paste sections (columns) in the midi editor?


Hi there guys,

We have a plethora of information on Youtube

BeatBuddy Manager Tutorial Playlist

You may also find good use of this quickstart guide to the BeatBuddy Manager

The BeatBuddy itself has its manual and there are user help videos here

If you feel you need more one-on-one assistance, feel free to reach out to and they will be happy to spend some time helping you get started.

Thank you for your questions

How to make a one press song.