Newb with a couple of questions

Hello everyone. New guy here with about a week’s worth of experience with my Beat Buddy. I think I’m pretty well getting the hang of everything, but I’m confused a bit on how premium library stuff gets incorporated into projects.

I purchased three new drum kits and incorporated them into one of my projects on my computer through the Manager. I get confused as I move between different projects either on the computer as well as on the SD card. At first blush it appears the new kits are incorporated into all the projects in my Workspace athough I do have to select the check mark apparently to enable them in that project.

Where I get confused is when I select the project on my SD card and they had to be imported. This is what threw me. Maybe I’m confused about how these drum kits are stored so they become globally available across all projects no matter where they exist. That’s more or less what I understood when I watched the YouTube video on installing drum kits.

I’ve also done some basic editing of the MIDI files by changing the intro. I did this by clicking on the stock intro for the song and selected a 4-4 metronome file from the default lib/MIDI sources, then edited it. The question is, did I end up editing that file for all songs in my project, or did it make a copy just for the song I brought it into. More importantly is there a better way to do this such as exporting the MIDI file in some manner.

Basically I’m getting wrapped around the axle by not being clear about how the storage system works. I’m hoping someone here can give me a deeper understanding so I don’t inadvertently do something wrong.

I am really enjoying the Beat Buddy other than the fact their documentation is very austere about the details and that’s what’s confusing me.

I also want to mention I’m a Line 6 Helix user and have already gotten my Helix to be the control for the Beat Buddy. I was wondering if there are any other Helix users on here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, please reach out to for assistance with your issues, they will be happy to help you and guide you through your experience with the BeatBuddy. I’ll let them know that you are going to reach out to them!