Newbie question on midi control of BB

Need a little advice or info. Have had my BB for a while. Wondering if there’s an Android lyrics prompter app that can be set up to trigger the BB ? I’m using Lyric Pad. Onsong will do it, but I’m using an Android tablet. Don’t need chords/tabs/backing tracks,etc. I’m thinking there has to be something that can send midi commands to BB, via Bluetooth, or cable while the lyrics are scrolling , and trigger the transitions and fills/intros/outros. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank You


Thanks for this. I’d looked at this app,but missed the midi capability. It looks like a good choice
Has anyone had any issues using a Yamaha MD-BT01 bluetooth midi adaptor with Android tab and the BB?
Thanks again.

I use the Yamaha MD-BT01 with an iPad and OnSong. Works great!

BandHelper has an extended MIDI implementation. In other rigs I did use him with a MD-Bt01, but with my current BB and Aeros rig I use an iRig2 interface.

Thanks All for the info!