"Newbie" with Beat Buddy

I am a “non-techy” type musician, but have lots of experience performing and recording in a studio. I have been doing some live gigs and thought the Beat Buddy would be a great addition, along with having drums on my recordings, etc. I have been watching youtube videos and reading the manual, but would love to have someone take me “under their wing” so to speak, and walk me through some questions. If anyone is interested, let me know. I’m a good student, and want to learn, but it’s tough for us guys who have been in analog all their lives to gear up for DAW’s, and all the bells and whistles of the digital world. I need someone with a lot of patience to walk me through some things, and point me in the right direction. I’m particularly interested in how to make a song list for live gigs, and what equipment I would need to make that happen, etc. Also choosing beats for different songs. Is there a formula, or is it all just “make it up as you go?” Thanks for your help! Glad to be a part of this forum. I’m reading lots of threads already and gaining info as I go, but could sure use a mentor.

Look for user Psalm40 he has alot of tutorial videos where he simplifies working with the Beat Buddy manager. Pretty much any of his posts will have a link to his vids. This should help you out.
Having said that, take some time to play with the Beat Buddy before delving into the software, get to know the unit and establish a “relationship” with it since the software will work like the pedal (with editing of course).

Drumming is beating on stuff with a stick so don’t overthink it. I don’t get too hung up on spending a lot of time searching to match beats to songs. I’ve found it more important to get the tempo right than anything else, maybe choose a beat that’s not too busy or find one that’s busy enough for the song. It’s fun playing around with different beats and kits but just get something that’s in the ball park rather than spending a lot of time looking for an exact match. The audience won’t notice unless it’s a really really bad match.

Yeah I see what you mean. I just need to spend some time with the beat buddy and get to know it a little better and not be so skittish about learning something new. I just get a little over whelmed with the technical stuff

Thanks! That’s some good advice, and I will continue to watch YouTube videos and also visit the page of Psalm 40 to see what he has posted.