Hello, I would like to add some different “songs” to my BB. I play blues, mostly, and none of the blues songs are the type of blues I play.

What is the first step to adding these tracks or songs? Is it too complicated? I’m not computer savy. Thanks!

There is a lot of information on this.
The overall process is not trivial, yet pretty doable if you worked with MIDI files before.

I’d recommend checking some tutorial videos. Start with official ones, then @Psalm40 ones are really great to get started.

thanks. I have zero experience. I will check it out…

Check out my thread with all my created beats here. There are plenty of blues based songs in there and all the midi files are accessible at the top of the page so you can get midi files for the beats you like from different songs and mix them together to create your own.

There is also a different aspect. Go into the “Country Songs” and pick out some nice 4/4 Rhythms from there. That’s where I found the “True Blues” Tracks. They don’t have anything on “Swing Rhythms” yet either and that’s where a lot of “Blues” comes from. There is a way to build your own also. Take all of the Midi Beats & Fills and move them all into a “Common File” and when you pull up a “Fill or Beat” tag in one of the songs, you can go to the “Common File” and plug in anything you want to. Some of the Rhythms will not be the same of course, but you can work around that. Also, download the “Beat Builder” and create your own Rhythms there. It’s tedious and time consuming, but you can create your own beats right there. Just a few things that might help.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I’m a newbie, also like blues. I found that a lot of the song styles are just wrongly mislabeled. Most blues tracks are in country., some classic R&R are there too. Example: Eagles, Heartache Tonight is a “train shuffle”, in Country.

By the way, the R&B section is worthless.

I actually love the style of R&B songs, and use them pretty often when I’m tired from Metal songs :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the best place for this but as a newbie myself to the BeatBuddy, I found something out today that might save some other newbie a call to tech support. Be sure when you create a new project that you check the drum sets you need to use for the songs you populate into the project. Otherwise, when you export to you SD card and plug it into your BeatBuddy, it will look like you got all your songs, even play, but no sound. This is further confused by the fact that if you have a footswitch with a cymbal crash assigned to it, it will sound but nothing from the main pedal. After half an hour of cursing and a call to tech support at Sweetwater where they told me it was probably a problem with my SD card, I just happened to think of the drum tab and figured out the problem. Anyway, I may be the only person dumb enough to have this problem and not realize it, but just in case anyone else makes this mistake, now you know. :wink:

Well, yes, this was definitely a useful information. I’ll try to have this added to the user manual, or emphasize this part (if it’s already there) to make this point more visible to the beginner BeatBuddies! :slight_smile: