Newly Purchased Drumkits not Loading or Playing

I bought 4 BB Drumkits and I installed them, they play fine in the Manager Software but they aren’t loading after synchronizing to the pedal

Check that your pedal is set to Default Drumset > Enabled.

Yeah, Default Drumset is enabled and all the other kits work fine but Bonham, Vintage Ludwig, Studio Legend, Bass and Drum and a User Forum Kit aren’t playing in the pedal but are working in the BB Studio Software. Super confused

Are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or the Loader?

If the BBM, have you checked the boxes under the Drum Sets tab?

Delete the zipped files you downloaded and redownload and unzip on your desktop.

Delete the drum sets you’re having trouble with from the BBM. Quit and then relaunch the BBM.

Import the drum sets from your desktop and check the boxes under the Drum sets tab.

BBM. All Boxes Checked. Kits are showing in pedal just not playing

Read my late edit to my post above.

Ok I did all that unzipped reinstalled and for some unknown reason the drumkits I loaded today aren’t playing through the BB pedal. But all the other user and preloaded kits are working but not the others that I mentioned. I don’t know what to try. I am using the latest firmware. I’ve never used the loader. Should I try that?

You can try that but before you do, power down your pedal. Give it 5 minutes and try again.

If none of my suggestions worked, it’s time to contact

I think I ran out of space on the SD card. Here is the message I got

Interesting. Time to buy a new 32Gb class 10 SDHC card. No need to format. Insert the new card into your computer and export your project.

You can check the space available on your 4Gb card to see if it’s actually full.

I was still using the original Kickstarter campaign SD card. The 4 gig version. The prob was that I ran out of space. I deleted some unused Kits and now the newly installed kits work. Thank you for the time and patience.


Glad you sorted it out.


Thanks for posting this! We will work on making a card full message when using the BeatBuddy Loader more user friendly to avoid a crash :slight_smile:

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