"No Hash File" error message

Hi. I’m a brand new BeatBuddy user who’s trying to get everything working for the first time. I installed the software successfully, created a new folder, imported a few songs and synchronized with the SD card inserted in my computer. The first time, it all worked fine. But the second time I did this (following the same procedure of exporting songs and then importing them back into BB in the new folder), I got a “no hash file” error message a dozen times or so (which could be the number of new songs I added, but I didn’t count) when I was synchronizing the SD card. The new BBsongs on the card in the new folder seem to play OK, but I notice the Pause button doesn’t work (don’t know if this is connected to the “no hash file” errors).

Anyway, how can I avoid getting “no hash file” errors? And why doesn’t the Pause button work any more? Thanks for your help!


Further info. It appears that the Pause button my BB foot switch has been torpedoed by the last time I synchronized the SD card (see above). Which was only the second time I’ve done it, since I took it out of the box a couple days ago…